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The Sandbanks peninsula has the 4th most expensive land value in the world.  Being full of exclusive homes and boasting the largest concentration of expensive properties outside of London.


Here on Sandbanks Online we list all estate agents and properties available on the Sandbanks peninsula, including the surrounding areas such as Lilliput, Branksome Park and Canford Cliffs.

Sandbanks Estate Agents:

Tailormade Estate Agents 

Stephen Noble

Lilliput Estate Agents:

Mays Estate Agents

Lloyds Property Group

Canford Cliffs Estate Agents:


Berkeleys Property Agents

Key Drummond Estate Agents  

Lloyds Property Group


Letting Agents:

Lilliput Key Drummond  

Lilliput Mays Letting Agents  

Lilliput Lloyds Property Group  

Canford Cliffs Berkeleys

Poole Tailormade Lettings